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Commercial Floor Cleaning York

As the leading provider for professional cleaning inYork, our company has the specialized skills and equipment necessary to restore your floors and save you from having to replace them. From carpets to vinyl, wood, and stone, there’s something for everyone.

What do we offer?

We provide a faster and more affordable floor cleaning service than the installation of new flooring. Our team will restore your floors at the time that is most convenient for your business. We do this to avoid halting your business proceeds. causing the least amount of disruption. With the help of our professional commercial floor cleaners, your floor will be strengthened with an extra layer to make it more durable for years to come.

What is our process?

Everything we do is done with your business’s best interest at heart. Having clean and dry floors not only avoids workplace hazards but also instills a sense of confidence in your employees and your business. The following is the process we follow when cleaning commercial floors:

Before we begin, our cleaners ensure that they have all the necessary equipment such as brooms and vacuums, buckets with water, a floor cleaner with a ph balance of seven, a mop with an automatic scrubber, a signboard indicating that the floor is wet, and an air mover.

To begin, we sweep and vacuum the surface to remove all dirt and dust.

We then mix the neutral cleaner in the bucket of water and begin mopping. It is important to use a neutral cleaner so that the floors can look shiny. Ensure that the mop when you begin mopping is not dripping wet but damp enough to dampen the floor.

And then when done mopping, we use the air mover to quickly dry the floor.
For grime that is stuck in between tiles, we use floor scrubbers or a mop with an automatic scrubber.
For hardwood floors, we also use sealants or certain finishes to prolong the life of your floors.
If you have carpet floors, we will first thoroughly vacuum the carpet. And then, using a carpet cleaner, we will scrub the floor, use an air mover to speed up the drying, and vacuum again to remove any leftover crystalised dirt.

All we need from your side is for you to fill-up the form for an obligation-free quote and then we will give you a call back to talk through your needs and find a suitable time to come and clean your floor. We bring all the tools and manpower.

What equipment do we use?

The commercial cleaning equipment we use is of the highest quality, including floor scrubbers, sweepers, vacuum cleaners, and carpet extraction cleaners. Moreover, we use single disc cleaners, powered scrubbers, and ride-on floor sweepers, for a broad selection of hard surface floors.

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Our fully insured CSCS & Cleaners bring their kits, clock in digitally, and meticulously check every detail with a customizable checklist. Your satisfaction, is our priority.

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