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Commercial Kitchen Cleaners York

The commercial kitchen cleaning services we provide are second to none. Large restaurant chains, small diners, restaurants, pubs, schools, care homes, hotels, and any commercial food serving places can all benefit from our specialist kitchen cleaning including extractor fan cleaning, commercial floor cleaning, and commercial fridge cleaning, no matter how big or small the fridge is.

Hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and academies can request our team of professionals to clean kitchen extracts, and we will issue hygiene certificates for all completed kitchen clean-ups. In addition to providing kitchen cleans, our team of experts can provide hygiene certificates for all completed kitchen cleans. Our goal is to minimize downtime and remain out of your way when your kitchen is busiest so that you can focus on other tasks. Let us handle this important job of cleaning your kitchen if you need it done safely, efficiently, and in an environmentally friendly way. Please contact us right away to learn more about our services or to get a free quote.

We offer an array of cleaning services for the kitchen from floor cleaning to ovens and fridge cleaning along with covid cleaning including fogging. We will even have your extractor fans looking like new.

Extractor Fan Cleaning

The air extraction system in your commercial kitchen needs to be cleaned regularly. As the areas involved are not readily visible or accessible, proper cleaning is easily overlooked. Therefore external and professional cleaning is needed. Your kitchen extract system and ducts from the canopy to the duct are usually clogged with oil and grease.

What do we offer

As cooking cannot be stopped and there must be air extraction, the best way to help prevent a fire is to regularly clean the Kitchen Extraction System to avoid build-up. We clean the canopy, the filters, the fans, and the ducts throughout the building. We can provide proof of extractor fan cleaning in the form of a document that insurance companies will accept. We’ll also provide you with the assurance that a major source of business risk has been adequately addressed.

What is our process?

The first thing we check when we are about to start cleaning an extractor fan is how long ago the extractor was in use because the extractor has to be cool before we can clean it. We then unplug it.
We then remove the outer cover to be able to wash it properly with a warm washing liquid solution. For unremovable hoods, we carefully wash them, making sure to get all the built-up grease. We will also remove the fan blades and wipe them down with a soapy towel carefully, making sure that the cloth used is not damp. We ensure they’re completely dry before we can move them back.
We do the same for filters. For those hard-to-reach corners on filters, we use special thin brushes. Should your filters need replacing, we can do that for you too or advise you on which filters to get.

Our expertise extends across several industries throughout the United Kingdom. As a result of providing services to some of the world’s most prestigious companies, businesses, and charities, we have built a solid and reliable reputation. While most of our cleaning services happen when your business is closed, we can provide you customized services.

What equipment do we use?

A kitchen extractor system has five basic components:
Extractor hoods
Hood filters
Extractor fans
Exhaust ducts
Rooftop containment systems

Utilising the most up-to-date tools and products, we make sure extraction cleaning systems, canopies, and ductwork are cleaned to the highest standard. The following are some of the tools we use to clean:

Decarbonating tanks: The purpose of these is to get rid of grease and carbon deposits from various kitchen appliances. Cleaning utensils using decarbonising units effectively and hygienically extends the useful life of kitchen equipment and lets you enjoy your kitchen for an extended period.

PPE: But before any cleaning can be done, our employees always put on personal protective equipment such as goggles, face masks, rubber gloves, and boiler suits.

Degreaser: This is a stronger, industrial version of soap that you use in the kitchen to wash oily dishes. It’s formulated to get rid of tenacious, dried-on residues.

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