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What is the role of an office cleaner?


Office cleaners are here to keep your office clean and safe. Professional services can take care of everything from cleaning computing equipment, to replenishing supplies such as soap and toilet roll.

At VA Cleaning, we can work flexibly to suit your schedule, which can include opening or locking up premises, setting alarms, and keyholding where necessary.


What services will be included in an office clean?


We can tailor our service to meet your exact needs. Our most popular office cleaning services include;

    • – Cleaning and disinfecting desks, emptying bins and cleaning computer keyboards.

– Kitchen cleaning, including mopping, buffing and polishing the floor, emptying and loading dishwashers, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, and tidying cupboards.

– Bathroom cleaning; toilets, shower cubicles, floor mopping and disinfecting, replenishing supplies such as toilet roll and soap.

– Communal area cleaning; hoovering, floor mopping and cleaning of cabinets and visual displays in stairwells, corridors, meeting rooms and break-out areas.


What’s the process of cleaning a desk?

Working to your specific requirements, we will clean and disinfect high-risk areas. This includes cleaning the tabletop and desk legs, as well as working specifically on computer equipment such as monitors and keyboards.


Why should you clean office desks regularly?


Cleaning desks is critical in all office environments. As people eat, drink and sit at their desks all day; dust, food and harmful microorganisms can quickly build up. This is even more important for offices where flexible working practices encourage workers to hot desk, or use touch-down facilities.

Proper keyboard cleaning is critical to prevent failure, and prolong the lifespan of your equipment. Without regular cleaning, your workforce may start to notice a build-up of debris under the keys, causing them to stick. Regular cleaning minimises the risk of this building up and causing damage.


What’s the process of cleaning an office kitchen?


We will vacuum or sweep the floor to remove any dust or food debris. Mopping the floor with warm water and heavy-duty cleansing products will kill any remaining pathogens. We can then polish and buff the floor if necessary.

We use a variety of cleaning products to tackle different areas of the kitchen, taps, surfaces, sinks, fridges and cupboards – using different products and different cloths to ensure no cross-contamination.


Why should you clean office kitchens regularly?


Our regular cleaning services ensure that your equipment stays in pristine condition, and removes germs and food waste that quickly builds up in these environments.


What’s the process of cleaning a toilet and washroom?


We go above and beyond – cleaning toilets, mirrors, sinks and taps using the most efficacious cleaning products; we will also ensure that your shower cubicles are kept clean, fresh and protected from the build-up of black mould or another residue.

Why should you clean office toilets regularly?


Regardless of the personal hygiene practices of your workforce, toilets and showers can see some of the highest levels of bacteria and viral traces compared to any other area of the office environment. Keeping these areas clean and fresh will maintain staff morale, as well as helping protect them from health risks posed by unclean bathroom surfaces.


What’s the process of cleaning an office floor and stairs?


Whether your offices are carpeted or tiled, you will find that regular cleaning keeps them clean and safe. Spills are a common problem in communal areas; hot drinks like coffee and prime candidates for this. As we mop and polish hard surfaces, we can also apply quick and professional stain treatment to prevent any more permanent damage.


Why should you clean office floors and stairs regularly?


As high transit areas, staircases are one of the most high-risk areas of any office environment. Hard surfaces such as handrails are breeding grounds for pathogens – particularly in corridors near toilets and kitchens.

What cleaning equipment and materials are used for an office clean?


High-quality cleaning chemicals help keep your office disinfected and in pristine condition. We also use a broad variety of sponges, scouring pads and specialist floor cleaning equipment. Of course, this isn’t something that you need to worry about when you choose to work with VA cleaning – we supply every single bit of equipment.


Why use VA cleaning for your office cleaning?


We aren’t just office cleaners. We are a team of highly-skilled, professional, fully trained, and of course DBS (formerly CRB) checked cleaners. This means you can have full peace of mind that you can trust our team to work unsupervised, safe in the knowledge that they are also fully insured. We can keep your office safe, clean and in pristine quality – get in touch with us today to find out more.

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