The dirtiest areas of your office: revealed

Which areas of your office space harbour the most bacteria? While it may seem like bathrooms and kitchens would be the obvious answer, it’s amazing just how many bacteria can live in places we just wouldn’t expect.

Left to breed, these bacteria can cause illnesses such as coughs, colds and stomach bugs that can spread throughout the office, leaving you short-staffed. The best solution? Opt for professional office cleaning: York need not suffer again!

Here are some of those key bacteria hotspots that cleaning companies in York can tackle to make your office a healthier place to work.

1. Computer keyboards

With hot desking on the rise, a single office keyboard is now often used by multiple people – and it’s unlikely that anyone washes their hands every single time before using it. This means that keyboards are often contaminated thanks to food after eating, germs picked up from the morning commute, cold bacteria when mouths and noses are covered when sneezing or coughing and more. Antibacterial wipes can help, and keyboards should be cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis too, to avoid the spread of germs.

2. Water coolers and coffee machines

Many of us will wash our hands before making a hot drink the traditional way with a kettle, a mug and a spoon – but can the same be said when we use office water coolers or hot drink machines? The handles and buttons of these regularly used office fixtures can harbour all sorts: bear this in mind when you’re next rehydrating, and be sure to add these areas to the cleaning schedule.

3. Telephones

Again, hot desking can make it more likely that multiple people are using the same phone – and in a busy office, it’s often the case that a colleague will pick up someone’s ringing phone if they’re away from their desk. Calls are often answered as quickly as possible, meaning we don’t tend to check the state of our hands before picking up the receiver. Here, antibacterial wipes are a must.

There are plenty of other unexpected areas that harbour huge numbers of bacteria in the office environment – everything from chair handles to cupboard door handles, and computer mice to desk surfaces. If you want to be truly sure that you’re doing everything possible to protect your employees from the spread of bacteria, a firm that specialises in commercial cleaning in York is your best bet.

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