Why you should clean your home BEFORE putting it on the market

A clean home is a must for anyone who’s looking to sell. However, most people make the mistake of cutting corners or leaving the job until the property is on the market. This certainly isn’t the best plan of action, and instead, you should consider all the benefits of making your house look as immaculate as possible before it goes up for sale. Here are four things to think about.


You should find that you’re more pressed for time when you do get around to putting your property on the market. After all, you’ll have buyers regularly coming round – not to mention that you’ll also need to check out alternative accommodation. Ultimately, a good and thorough cleaning can easily fall through the cracks if you don’t do it beforehand.


Let’s not forget that people – even those who might not be that interested in putting in an offer – will be judging you and your home. Buyers can be brutal, so don’t be surprised if they comment on your home if it doesn’t live up to their standards of cleanliness whey they are shown around. To avoid making yourself an easy target, clean your home and remain house-proud.


The majority of estate agents will tell you that your best chance of selling your home it to make it look as perfect as possible. This means that it should be spotless. You’ll find that buyers are more enticed by a clean property rather than one where they’ll have to look beyond the dirt and untidiness, so with any luck, this should trigger a quick sale.


The most important thing is that your home looks clean in the pictures that advertise it. These, of course, must be taken before the house goes on the market. To a degree, you can then allow your home to become a little less clean because the photos will prove that it does have potential to look pristine.

Don’t miss the opportunity

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