Cleaning your own home could affect your health

Let’s say that you’re suddenly bitten by the cleaning bug – what’s the worst that could go wrong? Well, it just so happens that you’re opening yourself up to a number of health risks if you insist on doing the job yourself rather than calling in the professionals. Here are four health-related issues that you could be exposing yourself to by cleaning your own home.


It’s easy to become worked up when doing a spot of cleaning. It can just take one stubborn stain, or you to use the wrong kind of cleaning product for a specific surface, for you to lose your cool and become stressed. There’s no guarantee that this will subside when the job is finished – and if you’ve uncovered a bigger problem along the way, this can lead to you feeling generally agitated in the hours that follow. This is a big issue if you live in rented accommodation too and want to keep the place in tip-top shape. Don’t lie awake thinking about the problem when you could get expert cleaners on the job.


It’s common to feel a lot of pressure when undertaking cleaning. After all, you’re not only trying to live up to your own high standards but also make the place look presentable for your family and anyone who might visit. You could easily start to feel sad and anxious if you put too much pressure on yourself and can’t live up to the expectations.


There’s such a thing as working too hard. This is most likely to happen when you’ve spent a long day at work, only to spend the evenings cleaning. Rather than take on too much, leave the cleaning to an expert and relax a little. Your body will appreciate that you’re recharging it rather than risking exhaustion.


You are opening yourself up to an injury if you undertake your own cleaning. This could be anything from slipping on a wet floor, breathing in harmful fumes from cleaning supplies, or roughing up your hands and nails while scrubbing those tiles. The pain is unnecessary when you could avoid these hazards by calling in the professionals.

Stay healthy!

It makes sense to protect yourself and allow the job to be completed by someone who knows exactly what they’re doing and how to do it safely. If you’re looking for cleaning companies in York, get in touch with VA Cleaning.

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