Cleaning before the cleaners: Keeping your office tidy

Having a tidy office is a really important way to show pride in your business, care for your employees and a great impression for visitors. It’s often the little things that stick in people’s heads when they enter your space so an overflowing bin or a dirty carpet are certainly not what you want to be remembered for.

Having a commercial cleaner look after this for you is a great way to make sure your space is top notch. But many people are unsure what is their responsibility and what is the cleaner’s. Obviously, different environments have different rules, but we’ve put together a helpful guide of some of the things you should be keeping an eye on before the cleaners get there in the evening or following morning.

Clear the desks

If you want your desks to be super shiny, then before you leave work make sure your desk is clear. With piles of paper and memos all over the place it can be tough for cleaners. They don’t want to move your important paperwork or throw away something vital so make it easier for them by keeping your space clear and things clearly marked.

Do the dishes

There’s nothing more annoying than a sink full of dirty dishes, whether it’s at home or at work. It’s simple office courtesy but if you use a cup, wash it and put it away. Keeping the kitchen clean is important for health and safety and an extra minute washing after you use things makes the world of difference. It also means your cleaning team will be able to clean surfaces and sinks more effectively.

Decide on some fridge rules

Office fridge politics can be a minefield so agreeing on some general rules is the best way to ensure happy staff and a sparkling fridge. Whether you throw away anything past its sell by date or make sure that your food is clearly marked, if everyone is playing by the same rules then it’s easier for everyone.

Keep the carpets clear

Make it easier for your cleaners to vacuum clean your office by ensuring that the floors are relatively clear. Cluttering the floor with piles of paperwork, boxes and bags isn’t great for the office anyway and it’s harder to get the floors perfectly clean with stuff in the way.

Of course, the benefit of hiring a cleaning team is that they take care of all the tasks you don’t have time to do, such as wiping down desks, cleaning surfaces and hoovering communal areas. But in order to get the most out of the service, it helps to keep such areas free of obstructions and personal items. If you’re looking for a new office cleaner or a cleaning company in York V A Cleaning is trusted by businesses and homeowners across the city. Contact us here for more information on our cleaning services in York.

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