Three reasons a clean home is essential for new parents

It can feel like new parents have a never-ending to-do list when they’re about to bring a child into the home. This includes decorating the nursery, buying clothes and reading all the books that tell you how to become a good mum and dad. What you might not have considered is just how much you’ll benefit from having a clean home during those first few months as a new parent. Here are three ways that you’ll find it can make life that much easier for you.

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Prior to parenthood, you can probably cope with your home being a little rough around the edges. After all, you’re at work or out socialising most of your time anyway – right? This is likely to change when you welcome a child. Instead, you’ll find yourself spending many more hours within the same four walls rather than out and about. Due to this, it can quickly become hard to overlook any uncleanliness and it will probably start bugging you.


Get ready for more visitors than you could ever imagine. Wouldn’t it be awful if these people – who could be friends, family or in-laws – think that you’re struggling to keep your home clean? It can really make you paranoid to think that these guests are picking up on dusty surfaces and whatnot when you’re trying your best to care for your child.


Your health can take a huge hit when you welcome a new child – particularly in those first few weeks. This is generally because of a combination of sleepless nights and a poor diet. A weak immune system – which can lead to you becoming ill and picking up ailments like the flu – is also caused by living in unclean surroundings. This is because if things remain unwashed or untidy then they’re more likely to contain harmful bacteria.

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Don’t worry, you don’t have to lift a finger and add to your never-ending to-do list. Instead, you can simply call in professionals who specialise in house cleaning in York. For help keeping your home looking spick and span as you adjust to being a new parent, get in touch with VA Cleaning now.

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