Your home needs a thorough clean BEFORE you go on holiday

The holiday season will soon be in full swing. Between browsing brochures and picking up swimwear, you should also give some serious thought to cleaning your home before you go abroad. This might seem like a strange prospect, especially when you consider that no one will be using the property for several weeks. Here are four reasons why a pre-holiday home cleaning is actually a decision that you won’t regret.


It would be a crying shame if your holiday was thrown into disarray simply because you became ill. This is much more likely to happen if you’re living with a weakened immune system – something that is heightened by living in an unclean environment. Thankfully you can rest assured that you’ve done everything you can to uphold your health if you’re staying in a clean home on the run up to going away.


The state of a house only becomes worse the longer that it’s left uncleaned. Just consider how surfaces will only gather more dust and how unattended spillages will only leave a more stubborn stain. Essentially you’ll be looking at your problems escalating if you leave them for multiple weeks without taking action.

Peace of mind

Your vacation should be about living life to the fullest and enjoying some much-needed relaxation. Unfortunately, this can be difficult to achieve if at the back of your mind you’re worrying about the state that you’ve left your home in. This anxiety will only build up during your trip and could really leave a damper on things.


The chance of you having the energy to clean your home – or arrange for your home to be cleaned – is slim after returning from a holiday. Instead, you’ll no doubt be exhausted from your vacation and suffering from the post-holiday blues. Therefore, save yourself a job by ensuring your property looks spick and span before you jet off.

There’s help if you need it

If you’re busy packing suitcases and putting together your itinerary, know that you can leave the cleaning in the safe hands of the professionals by using cleaning services in York. VA Cleaning will do a thorough job that you’ll appreciate both before and after your holiday.

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