Four reasons dog owners should often clean their home

Nobody should leave too much time in between cleaning their home. However, this is especially true for people who own pets – in particular, dogs. Your four-legged friend might feel like a member of your family but he’s probably causing more hygiene issues and untidiness than anyone else in the household. With this in mind, here are four reasons why dog owners should clean their homes as often as possible.


Visitors can sometimes be hit with the smell of a dog when they walk through your front door. Unfortunately, you might not notice this unpleasant odour, especially if you’ve been living amongst it for some time. The smell, sadly, won’t just be coming from your dog. It will be in its bed and possibly your furniture if you allow the pooch to sleep on your couch or mattress.


The amount that your dog malts will depend on its breed and the condition of its coat. Whatever type of dog you have, you can bet that there will be strands of hair littered around your house. These can come directly from your dog or it can come from you if your dog has shed on your clothes.


They say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks – and it’s almost impossible to teach one how to wipe his paws. This means that you can expect your pooch to be walking in a range of undesirable things from outside, such as mud and grass. These are likely to cause your floors and carpets to appear dirty and unwashed if you don’t take action.


Every pet owner has stumbled across a nasty surprise at some point. This could be urine, faeces or even food that’s been hidden away. If you don’t clean regularly you could go days – if not weeks – without finding these surprises that your dog has left for you. This, of course, isn’t the type of environment that you want to be living in.

Stay clean and tidy

It’s more than possible to maintain a clean home even with a dog living there. If you don’t fancy tackling the problem yourself, you can always rely on the best cleaning services York has to offer by getting in touch with VA Cleaning.

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