Top floor cleaning tips for all floor types

Whether you’re a tenant moving out or a homeowner looking to make your place feel that bit more comfortable, it can be hard to know where to start when cleaning your floors. The following cleaning tips will help you keep on top of ensuring the floors in your home are always in good order:


It’s essential to vacuum carpets on a regular basis as this prevents grime and grit working their way into the carpet pile and causing damage to fibres. Upright style vacuum cleaners are recommended for carpets, particularly if they feature revolving brushes as these will remove embedded grime. If you have loop pile carpets, you should use the suction head for vacuuming, as the beater brushes may cause the carpet to develop bobbles.

If you spill wine or grease on your carpet, you can try sprinkling the stain with baking soda which will absorb the stain. Just vacuum as normal once the stain has been removed.

It’s also recommended to steam clean your carpets on an annual basis, and you can either rent a steam cleaner or arrange for carpet cleaners round to your home.

Wooden floors

You should keep on top of cleaning wooden floors by sweeping regularly or vacuuming on brush setting. Mop your wooden floor every week using a soapy cleaner that is specifically designed for wooden floors. The floor should not be saturated as this can cause water damage, so make sure your mop is well wrung out.

If your wooden floors are waxed, you should wet-clean the boards on a less frequent basis, but wax polish them regularly to keep their shine. Where wax has built up on boards, it can be removed with white spirit.

Laminate floors

You should sweep or vacuum laminate floors on a regular basis. Although they can be wiped over with a damp cloth, laminate floors should not be soaked with water as they are water resistant by design. Most spills can be removed using household cleaners; however, you should not use scouring pads to clean your floor as they will scratch the surface of the laminate.

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