The downside of cooking in an unclean oven

The inside of the oven is often at the bottom of people’s to-do list when it comes to cleaning the house. This is largely because the mess can’t be seen – and as a result many mistakenly think that it doesn’t matter. In actual fact, there are numerous downsides to cooking in an unclean oven. Here are three that you should know about before it’s too late.


The grease and grime in an oven become a festering pot for bacteria if left for too long. This, of course, is unsightly – but just as importantly it can also be detrimental to your health. You should know that any excess bacteria is liable to stick to your food and ultimately end up in your body. Once this is in your system you’ll be prone to suffering from a number of unpleasant illnesses.


It’s always pleasant to smell the aroma of the food you’re preparing. Unfortunately, you’re more than likely going to inhale the scent of previously cooked dishes if you aren’t in the habit of cleaning your oven. The stench of grease can permeate your kitchen, not to mention that other remnants of food could cause the air to become smoky. In some cases the smell can be so strong that it can affect the taste of the food you’re cooking.


A build-up of grime and dirt in your oven can cause a major safety risk. For instance, excess grease that has begun to pool on the floor of the oven could present a fire hazard every time that the heat is turned on. It could also bubble uncontrollably, causing you to have to dodge spitting grease when you open the oven door or risk being splashed. These are obviously not conditions that you should have to face every time that you fancy something to eat.

Let’s get cleaning!

There’s no need to roll up your sleeves and tackle a filthy oven yourself. Instead, you can leave the job in the safe hands of a professional cleaning team. VA Cleaning offer oven cleaning York wide, so you should take advantage of this service if you want your cooker to look spotless and avoid these downsides.

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