An unclean bedroom could be affecting your sleep

The bedroom is often the last place in which people get around to cleaning. After all, it’s rarely seen by visitors and all too easily becomes untidy. It can seem like not a day goes by when the carpet doesn’t need vacuuming, the ledges don’t need dusting or the bedding doesn’t need washing. You can’t, of course, just use this as an excuse to not bother cleaning the room. Why? Amongst many reasons, there’s the fact that an unclean bedroom could actually be affecting your sleep – in the process causing you to become ill. Here are three ways it can do this.


Dust is notorious for causing breathing issues. This is especially problematic at night when your body goes into autopilot as you fall asleep. The sensation that you’re struggling to breathe – whether it’s a tickling feeling at the back of your throat or the sensation that your airwaves are blocked – can cause you to wake unexpectedly and quite often – that’s if you can even manage to doze off in the first place.


Research has previously found that an untidy environment can cause people to experience a bad night’s sleep. According to a study carried out by St Lawrence University in New York, mess – such as clothing thrown on the floor or a paperwork piled on the side – can make it difficult for the body to fully relax and fall asleep. In most cases, an excess of clutter can make it difficult to nod off even if you don’t realise it’s bothering you.


Your bedroom should ideally have a calming effect on you. Unfortunately, an unclean room is more likely to induce stress. This is because it can be extremely deflating to hop into bed knowing that you really should be rolling up your sleeves and sorting out your surroundings. The constant worrying can play on your mind throughout the night – ultimately making it difficult for you to get any decent shuteye.

Night night

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