A clean house could help your career

It takes more than just hard work and dedication to climb up the career ladder. In fact, it takes more than just doing the right thing in the office. Instead, you could improve your career prospects simply by keeping a clean and organised house. Yes, this might sound like a strange idea – but in actual fact, a pristine home could be just the thing to land you that long-awaited promotion or your dream job. Here are three ways it can do this.


You open yourself up to a string of health problems if you don’t keep your home clean. For example, a dirty oven can possess enough harmful bacteria to weaken your immune system – in the process leaving you susceptible to colds, sore throats and aches. It’s hard to work at 100% and impress your superiors when you’re feeling under the weather in these ways. Let’s not even get started on how detrimental it can be to have a poor sickness record too.


It’s important to recharge your batteries and enjoy some downtime when you’re away from the office. After all, a healthy work-life balance is essential for anyone who wants to move up the career ladder. Sadly it can be hard to fully relax and unwind when you have to return to an untidy house every day. This can mean that you’re not fully recharged when you go to work during the week, therefore meaning that you won’t be on top form.


Organisational skills are ranked highly in the workplace for a reason. In the same regard, you should ensure that everything has a place and order in your home. If it doesn’t you may find that it’s the cause of you running late to work on some days, whereas on others you might even arrive unprepared as a result of it. Luckily a clean home can ensure that you’re not creating such a bad impression.

The future is bright!

There’s no telling where you could end up in your career just by keeping a clean home along the way. Don’t worry, you can leave the house cleaning in York in the capable hands of the professionals by getting in touch with VA Cleaning.

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