Three reasons to take extra care when cleaning the bathroom

The average homeowner generally tackles the cleaning with the best of intentions. Sadly this positivity can fly right out of the window when it comes to the bathroom. After all, who enjoys getting down on their hands and knees to scrub the toilet? Therefore, it’s not surprising that people tend to do a rushed job in this department. Coincidentally, it’s the bathroom that actually requires the most time and attention when it comes to cleaning the house. Here are just three reasons why this room deserves more focus than most are willing to give it.


It’s probably unnecessary to reel off all the different bodily functions that will add to the amount of bacteria in the bathroom. Instead, it’s simply worth pointing out that the bathroom – even when it’s cleaned routinely – can be a breeding ground for germs. It’s not just that this can make the room start to look unpleasant, but also that this is likely to cause you, your family and other visitors to become unwell if left unattended to.


It helps if you know all the best cleaning tips before tackling the bathroom. However, you should remember that it’s a job that calls for care and precision. You shouldn’t hurry it, not least because the task does pose some health risks. For instance, the room can quickly become slippery once you’ve applied soap and water. This can mean that if you’re not careful you end up hitting the deck and suffering a serious injury.


There’s no denying that the bathroom is one of the most readily used rooms in the house. Even guests – who may just be popping in for a moment – visit it when nature calls. It’s therefore imperative that it’s kept in a particularly good condition. It should ideally be squeaky clean, presentable, and always fit for use. After all, you never know who’ll nip in and need to spend a penny in there.

Take it easy!

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