Three ways an unclean home could lead to more spiders

Around 75% of people are mildly or severely afraid of spiders, according to a survey by City University London. This means that your typical homeowner really doesn’t want the eight-legged bugs running around their house – and certainly nobody wants them setting up home there! However, it just so happens that you could be causing an increase of the insects in your property if you don’t maintain a clean and tidy house. With this in mind, here are three ways an unclean property could lead to more spiders.


Spiders find the prospect of dirty surroundings to be attractive. In fact, an area that’s been left undusted could be just the thing to lure one of the insects into your home with the intention of making a web. This is because such conditions make for great hiding spots that are ideal for capturing insects. Thankfully regular and thorough cleaning can make your home an unattractive site for spiders to settle in.


The liquid of a sugary drink or the crumbs from a hearty meal aren’t just unsightly if left unattended on worktops, floors or sideboards. Instead, they’re also liable to attract numerous different insects into your home – which, of course, spiders love. You’re essentially providing a buffet of creepy crawlies for spiders to chow down on if the place is unclean, so it’s no surprise they’ll be hanging around.


Spiders will spin a web when they find a place that’s attractive to them. In most cases, they’ll have little intention of moving while this remains in one piece. On the other hand, you can send the eight-legged bugs on their way if you ensure that the web is destroyed. This, however, entails frequent cleaning. If you don’t make your house clean, tidy and free of webs, you’ll simply be leaving the spiders undisturbed and free to roam your house.

Keep spiders at bay!

There are numerous cleaning tips that can help you to keep spiders away from your home. Rather than risk coming face to face with an eight-legged friend, you can always leave the job in the hands of VA Cleaning. This way you can rest assured that your home will be largely spider-free.

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