Three reasons hand-me-down cleaning tips don’t always work

It’s not uncommon for cleaning tips to be passed down from generation to generation like an old family heirloom. These can come in the guise of many different nuggets of advice – including how to remove stubborn stains or how to polish silverware. While you might cherish these and appreciate the good intentions behind them, it’s time to accept that hand-me-down cleaning tips don’t always cut it in 2018. Due to this, you should be prepared to consider new ways of getting your home looking spick and span. Here are three reasons why the tried and tested techniques don’t always fly anymore.


Houses have changed an awful lot since the days when your grandmother’s home was her pride and joy. For instance, laminate flooring now typically takes the place of oak floorboards. These two can (and should) be cleaned in different ways, so you could be causing damage to your property if you insist on using the methods that have been passed down to you.


There’s a whole world of cleaning supplies out there – and there’s more coming by the minute. While old-fashioned methods can still do the trick in some respects, you shouldn’t forget that it’s time to embrace what’s new and modern in the industry. After all, you could find yourself scrubbing on your hands and knees when there’s new equipment – such as steam cleaners – that are now readily available.


Speed is the often the name of the game when it comes to cleaning – especially in a world where both men and women have full-time jobs. Once upon a time it might have been okay for your ancestors to spend hours upon hours cleaning the house, but this is a luxury that most people can’t afford these days. Therefore, the hand-me-down tips often take an excessively long time and don’t fit into busy schedules.

Step into the future

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