3 positive psychological effects of a clean house

Cleaning and housework are unfortunately a necessity in life that most people don’t enjoy. It can take hard work, lots of effort and huge amounts of time to stay on top of all of your housework, and it can be demoralising to have to continuously tidy only to have the place get messy again. However, did you know that a clean house has serious psychological benefits? Our experts at VA Cleaning have put together a list of how a clean house improves your mental health.

1. Reduces depression and stress

After a hard day at work, the last thing you want is to come home to a messy environment. It can add to the pressure that’s been building up all day. What’s more, you are likely to have little motivation to start cleaning in the evening. However, returning to a clean environment will improve your mood and reduce stress due to the relaxing and restorative atmosphere your brain naturally attaches to a clean house. This, in turn, can assist in helping your sleeping pattern and overall mood.

2. Helps you eat better

Research published in the journal of Psychological Science has suggested that living in a de-cluttered environment can encourage people to make healthier food choices. Because clutter and mess cause stress, this, in turn, enhances the use of coping mechanisms, such as comfort eating. How many times have you decided to order takeaway so you don’t have to face cleaning the dishes or wiping down the work surfaces? Having a tidy home can also mean a tidy mind free from impulsive behaviour, and help to reduce your waistline in the process!

3. Improves your relationships

A dirty house does not only affect you, it also has a negative impact on everyone else who is living there. Mess can cause tension between family members and can lead to resentment building up if one person is consistently untidy. However, if the house is tidy, this tension is removed thereby helping to create closer bonds between people.

At VA Cleaning, we understand that not everyone can find the time to properly keep their house clean, and as such we pride ourselves on offering the best domestic cleaning services in York. Our experts can provide tailored house cleaning to suit your needs; find out more information about our services online, or contact us today.

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