Deep cleaning tips for your home

Keeping your home clean will need more than just weekly surface cleaning. You’ll have to deep clean it to remove dirt from the areas you never reach during regular cleaning. Below are a few ways you can carry out deep cleaning tasks in your house.

Revitalise your stove burners

You don’t want to use a cooker that constantly reminds you of your previously cooked meals. There are easy cleaning tips you can use to keep your stove sparkling clean at all times.

Simple spills are easy to deal with as you only need to turn on your cooker and let it will burn away the spills.

To get rid of tougher spills, begin by cooling your burners. Then, sprinkle a baking soda solution and wait 20 minutes before scrubbing the stove burners with a wet cloth or sponge. Rinse and replace them.

Eliminate toilet odour

How often do you clean your toilet? Cleaning it every day will not stop its siphons from producing a foul smell.

Toilet siphons refer to openings in the bowl, where clean water rushes through to push out waste. These openings tend to accumulate waste matter over time, creating a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria.

Seal off the siphons with duct tape. Next, drain the water from the toilet tank and pour cleaning vinegar into the tank. Flush the toilet and let it sit overnight. Remove the duct tape the next morning to enjoy your clean toilet.

Wash the pillows

Many people underestimate the amount of dirt that accumulates on bed pillows. Dirty pillows can cause skin irritation and a range of allergic reactions.

Hang your pillows in the sun. The sun’s UV rays are natural purifiers that will allow you to sleep on clean pillows every night.

For deep cleaning, wash your pillows and dry them in a dryer – at least twice per year.

Thoroughly clean your area rugs

UV sunlight and general cleaning detergents can help you restore your area rugs. Start off by vacuuming both sides of the rugs. Next, hang them outside for natural purification.

Ask the professionals

For more information about deep cleaning, contact VA cleaning. Our team of trusted cleaners based in York will offer you useful cleaning tips and incomparable house cleaning services.

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