Three reasons your home needs a good clean this autumn

You may have noticed that the days are growing shorter and the temperature is becoming a little cooler. In addition, you might have also clocked onto the fact that your home is in need of a little extra tender loving care this autumn. After all, it’s during this time of year when the average house becomes in need of a good cleaning. If you’re the type of person who likes to keep their home looking spotless, here are three ways you might be up against the odds this season if you don’t rely upon a domestic cleaning service.


The autumn months are the wettest ones on the calendar. Therefore, you should prepare for the likelihood of walking through puddles and mud whenever you’re outdoors. Try as you might, it can be quite difficult not to trample all this stuff indoors when you return from an outing. Ultimately, it won’t take long before your floors need a good scrubbing – especially those by the doorway.


An unclean environment is often accompanied by a bad smell. This, however, isn’t always obvious in the summer because you can simply air out your home by opening the windows. Sadly this isn’t as much of an option in the autumn when the temperature is lower. As a result, if you aren’t quick to tend to a mess – especially spillages – the odours may linger in your property for a lot longer than you’d like.


You might very well notice that it’s a struggle to muster a lot of energy during autumn. Everyday tasks – such as cleaning and tidying – are more of a chore than ever before thanks to daylight saving and having to deal with shorter days. This can generally mean that mess is more likely to accumulate in your home as it takes you longer to tackle it.

There’s an answer

Don’t allow your home to become unclean just because it’s autumn. Instead, you can keep your property looking as spotless as ever by enlisting the help of VA Cleaning. You can then sit back and relax while knowing your home is being tended to by one of the best cleaning companies in York.

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