Four issues with cleaning your own carpet

Pristine carpets are often a source of pride for many homeowners. The problem is that it’s difficult to keep them looking spotless, especially when you don’t know the best cleaning tips. Even when you do, it’s not always a given that you’ll be able to tackle the job effectively – meaning the flooring can start to look shabby over time if you’re not careful. With this in mind, here are four issues with taking on the responsibility of cleaning your own carpets.


It’s true that a spilt drink or crumbs can stand out a mile on a carpet. Unfortunately, it’s not always so simple to identify when the flooring needs a deeper clean – especially when the carpet is dark in colour. Due to this, your carpets can sometimes be in dire need of cleaning for months without you even realising that this is the case.


Carpets should be cleaned more regularly than you may realise. In fact, your floors should be getting a once over – whether it’s with a vacuum cleaner or more extreme measures – several times throughout the month. This, of course, just isn’t feasible for people with busy lives – even when they have the best intentions.


You’ll potentially have to get down on your hands and knees to scrub your carpets from time to time. This requires plenty of energy and determination, which you might well be lacking when you’re juggling your professional and social life. Ultimately, it might be beyond your reach to do a good job when it comes to cleaning your carpets.


It actually takes a trained eye to determine what treatment a carpet needs to once again look immaculate. While most people do have a vacuum cleaner, often the solution can be more in-depth than this – such as requiring products which aren’t available in your average supermarket.

What’s the answer?

It’s generally best to leave your carpets in the safe hands of the professionals. If you want them to look spick and span at all times, then get in touch with VA Cleaning so that you never have to worry about the appearance of your flooring again.

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