Three reasons the staff kitchen needs regular cleaning

The average person racks up over 37 hours in work each week – and as a result, they won’t stand for any degree of uncleanliness. This is certainly true in the staff kitchen, an area where the workforce tends to congregate and prepare food during their lunch hour. It is, therefore, important that this space is kept immaculate. If you’re a business owner and have been failing to keep the staff kitchen looking spick and span, here are three reasons its cleanliness should be your number one priority.


A single absence can sometimes throw the whole team off balance in work. So it doesn’t need to be pointed out how disruptive it can be for multiple people to be off at the same time. This, however, is the reality you face when the workforce are forced to use an unclean staff kitchen. After all, it takes just a slight shortfall on hygiene for people to pick up tummy bugs and other ailments that will keep them at home in bed.


The best teams tend to be those where colleagues know each other on both a professional and personal level. How does this happen? Well, staff often get a chance to hold conversations that aren’t work-related when in communal areas – such as the kitchen. If the place remains unclean and people come to avoid it, it’s possible that this could cause damage to people’s relationships in work.


Make no mistake about it; the state of the staff kitchen is a big deal. In fact, those who become sick and tired of it falling below decent standards of cleanliness might well be encouraged to find a different job as a result. Of course, no business wants a high turnover of staff – especially when it can be avoided simply with the help of a commercial cleaning service.

The solution?

The kitchen can gleam every day with the help of VA Cleaning. Using some of the most tried and tested cleaning tips to make areas look like new, you can rest assured that the team will have the room looking spotless and always ready to use. It’ll then be for you and your staff to reap the rewards.

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