3 tips to stop the spread of winter illness at the office

Winter approaches and with it comes the stress of secret Santa, the festivities of the office party and the less jolly onslaught of bugs and viruses. Staff members taking sick days can really have a detrimental impact on your business’s finances, especially if you’re just starting up. Sticking to a rigorous hygiene routine and abiding by the following cleaning tips and tricks could help stop the spread of workplace illness in its track.

1. Clean the communal area

Lunch breaks are made for gossiping over the coffee machine and finally tucking into your quinoa salad; one thing breaks aren’t made for is contracting cold and flu from an improperly cleaned surface. One guaranteed way to combat this is to encourage staff members not to share cups and cutlery, they could even bring in their travel mugs from home as an extra precaution.

The kitchen is the hive of the workplace, with many coming in and out all day. Make sure the surfaces are wiped clean and don’t neglect to cleanse the handles on cupboards and microwaves.

2. Always wash your hands

It’s something we have been told throughout our lives, but making sure to frequently wash your hands is a guaranteed way to avoid the dreaded winter flu. Using regular hand soap after going to the bathroom is a given, but a more convenient way is to use hand sanitiser. Great for more than just festivals, hand sanitiser can be placed on walls around the office so that staff can use a pump whenever they encounter it.

3. A cleansed workstation

Staff spend most of their day at their desks, yet this is also the place where the most germs can lurk. Desk surfaces should be thoroughly cleansed and those who are already under the weather should avoid entering anyone else’s workspace. The computer keyboard and mouse can be the most germ-ridden appliances in the entire office, so don’t neglect to clean these.

When it comes to flu season, don’t take the risk of having a sick workforce. For office cleaning in York, hire VA Cleaning to efficiently rid your workspace of germs and winter bugs.

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