The cleaning can wait until the weekend? Actually, it can’t

It’s true that the weekdays can just fly by. It can feel like one minute you’re waking up to the sound of your alarm on a Monday, then the next you’re clocking off at the end of your shift on a Friday. There’s often little time for yourself – so how could you possibly be expected to fit in a spot of cleaning in between it all? Unfortunately, midweek cleaning is more necessary than most would like to admit. With this in mind, here are three reasons why you shouldn’t always leave it to the weekend.


The working week takes its toll on the best of us. Ultimately, this means it becomes difficult to roll up your sleeves by Saturday and Sunday. Even when you can muster some energy, a half-hearted job won’t do the trick and could mean that your home still falls below your expectations of cleanliness. You’d therefore be better off kicking back with your feet up during the weekends.


Your home is more likely to become messy at the weekends. After all, you and your family will be spending more time in it – and this means more grime, more dust and more dirt. If you do tackle the cleaning earlier on, it’s possible that you might find yourself back at square one by the time the evening swings around on Sunday.


You can’t, unfortunately, just allow your home to descend into chaos during the week. Not only will excessive mess be hard on the eyes and affect your immune system, but it will also cause you to struggle with relaxing in the evenings after work. This could be detrimental when it comes to your mental health, leaving you susceptible to elevated stress levels before the end of your working week.

What’s the answer?

A spot of midweek cleaning might not be the most attractive idea you’ve ever heard before, but thankfully it doesn’t have to be you who tackles it. Instead, you can leave the job to VA Cleaning. We offer the highest quality of house cleaning York has to offer, so you can rest assured we’ll leave your home looking spotless when we’re finished.

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