Three ways you can damage your floors if you don’t clean them correctly

Just take one second to imagine getting down on your hands and knees to scrub your floor – only for them to end up worse off than how they began. Unfortunately, this is the reality that people risk when they attempt to clean their own homes. It’s not so much that the floors won’t look cleaner by the time you’ve finished, but more so than that you could inadvertently damage them before all is said and done. If you’re wondering how this can happen, let’s look at three different floors that are susceptible to damage if tackled incorrectly.


You simply have to push a hoover back and forward – what could go wrong? Well, in an instant you could unravel the carpet material if you were to suck upon a snag. The thread can pull up several inches of carpets before you even realise what is happening, ultimately leaving you with an unsightly gap. This, of course, can be pricey to replace.

Wooden floorboards

Wooden floorboards – especially original ones found in period properties – can be the crème de la crème of a person’s home. As a result, cleaning them requires a huge amount of care. After all, if you were to use too much water then the liquid could be absorbed into the wood. This could make it look and feel much more unpleasant after you have finished the cleaning.


The typical hiccup most experience when cleaning tiles is that they accidentally scratch them. This usually occurs because people forget to sweep them first, meaning the mop can later drag things like small stones unknowingly across the floor. It’s not until the job is finished that people find that the tiles have ugly marks running across them. This unfortunate outcome could have been avoided in the first place if people were aware of trusted cleaning tips.

Don’t take a chance

Rather than damage your floor, you can have them serviced safely by a domestic cleaning company like VA Cleaning. The final outcome will ensure that your floors are as pristine as ever, giving you every reason to keep feeling proud about them.

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