Three reasons you shouldn’t leave staff to clean their own workspaces

There are many benefits to having a clean office. This includes the fact that it can lead to a boost in productivity and help people stay healthy. You shouldn’t, however, leave any part of this job in the hands of your workforce. After all, a professional environment deserves a professional touch, and only the most skilled cleaners can be trusted to keep the place looking spotless. If you’re tempted to leave your staff in charge of their own workspaces – such as their desks and the surrounding areas – here are three reasons why this idea could be one that you live to regret.


Quite frankly, your workforce won’t be able to live up to the high standards of a commercial cleaning service. This is understandable since your staff aren’t being paid to wipe down surfaces or mop up spillages. As a result, their efforts will likely fall well below expectations. Meanwhile, the professionals know all the best cleaning tips to keep the workspaces looking immaculate because they have years of experience.


There’s a lot more to cleaning than rinsing a dishcloth under hot water. This is, unfortunately, the only equipment you can realistically expect your workforce to use. On the other hand, a commercial cleaning service will come armed with an array of tools, such as steam cleaners and cleaning trolleys, to keep each part of the office looking squeaky clean. It’s these items that will really make the difference between an office looking passable and an office looking remarkable.


There are only so many times of the day that you could expect your staff to clean. Let’s not forget that they have other responsibilities and while they should make every effort to keep their desks tidy, they shouldn’t actually be cleaning them. There’s also the fact that the task may take up too much of their precious time since, unlike the professionals, they’re not actually qualified to do the job.

It makes sense!

Have no fear! The right commercial cleaning service will tackle every part of your office, even your staff’s individual workspaces. If you’re keen to take advantage of such a service, be sure to get in touch with VA Cleaning.

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