Here’s why you need to clean your spare room BEFORE guests arrive to stay the night

Your spare room can remain unused for months upon months – that is until you have friends or family who need a bed for the night. You might be under the impression that because it’s scarcely occupied then you can get away with saving the cleaning until your guests have left, but in reality this job should actually be done before they arrive. If you’re tempted to put off the task until after you have waved the occupant goodbye, here are three reasons why it’s not always the best plan of action.

First impressions

You can’t put a price on being house-proud. It’s an amazing feeling to see someone impressed with your home, so you’ll hopefully get to experience this when your guests set eyes on your spotless room. Equally, it can be rather deflating when a friend or family member clearly isn’t thrilled about where they’ll be laying their head for the night.

Better upkeep

Guests adapt to their surroundings. This means that if they’re staying in an immaculate room then they’ll make efforts to ensure that it stays this way by the time they leave. On the other hand, if they can sense that your room is lacking in love then you can’t blame them for thinking that you don’t care about the state in which they leave it.

Increased comfort

Did you know that an unclean or untidy room can severely disrupt a person’s sleep? This can happen in numerous ways – from dust causing breathing problems, to clutter making a person feel anxious. These things all add up to the same thing: a sleepless night. Surely you don’t want your guests to be telling people that they have had the worst night’s rest under your roof?

You know what to do!

Now you know how beneficial it can be to have a spotless room for when your guests arrive, you can enlist the services of VA Cleaning. Don’t worry, if your guests don’t leave the room just how you’d like it, then our service – which specialises in house cleaning York-wide – can also aid you after they’ve left.

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