Three reasons you shouldn’t allow your elderly relatives to clean

The vast majority of people would agree that it’s essential to keep a pristine home. This is one of the reasons why people insist on cleaning all throughout their lives – sometimes even into their senior years. If you’ve got elderly relatives who rightfully won’t settle for anything less than an immaculate property, then you should know that it isn’t always wise to allow them to tackle the job themselves. Not only is there help available, but there can be a serious downside to pensioners doing their own cleaning. Here are three to think about.


Make no mistake about it; cleaning can be an extremely strenuous job. It often involves getting down on your knees, reaching up onto shelves, and generally just putting your body through the wringer. This can really take its toll on an older person’s body, possibly meaning that they’re left feeling achy and sore after just a short session cleaning their home.


It’s a fact of life that our immune systems worsen as we get older. This means that your elderly relatives are more susceptible to illnesses and ailments simply because of their age. This is why cleaning can be problematic. For example, a more senior member of society might suffer from respiratory issues after tackling a dusty surface. This might not subside for weeks and could lead to further health problems.


Cleaning does, of course, take a certain level of precision – especially if the job is to the done properly. It takes good balance if you’re hovering the stairs, a steady hand if you’re wiping down china, and a degree of flexibility if you’re leaning in to scrub the bathtub. Due to this, the elderly might find themselves put in harm’s way if they to tackle these everyday jobs, meaning they could become injured.

There’s an answer…

There’s no need for one of your elderly relatives to do their own cleaning in future. Instead, they can relax while the job is tended to by VA Cleaning, who provide house cleaning York residents can rely on. This won’t just leave them with a spotless home, but will also put your mind at rest.

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