Four tips for cleaning toilets

The toilet is surely up there as one of the main reasons why people don’t like cleaning. This isn’t just because it can be a rather unpleasant job, but also because it’s difficult to tackle to a high standard. This is certainly a problem given that recent research has found that the average toilet contains more than 34,000 units of bacteria. With this in mind, here are four cleaning tips to help you clean your toilet:

1. Wear gloves

It might seem obvious, but gloves should be worn. After all, with so much bacteria floating around, you risk becoming seriously ill if you’re to come into contact with it. Once you know your hands are guarded, you can really get stuck into the task at hand, without the fear that you might become ill.

2. Clean regularly

Your toilet isn’t something you can leave for weeks on end without cleaning. Even though it might look acceptable, after only a few days it will once again be home to a number of disgusting germs which could soon look and smell horrible. Therefore, be prepared to roll up your sleeves more often than not.

3. Warn people

If you plan to soak the toilet in bleach, then be sure to warn others beforehand. After all, your cleaning supplies won’t have a chance to make an impact if a member of your family flushes the toilet soon after it’s applied. Due to this, you should warn others to use an alternative toilet for a short period once the likes of bleach have been applied.

4. Wash off bleach

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you should leave bleach and other cleaning supplies to soak into your toilet bowl for hours on end. Once they’ve worked their magic, they’ll actually become counterproductive as the remnants of these products can remain on your toilet. This means you might have to once again roll up your sleeves – but this time to scrub the bleach off!

Need help?

You won’t be the only person who still can’t bear the thought of regularly cleaning your toilet even with these helpful tips at your disposal. Don’t worry, you can always pass the job on to the experts by getting in touch with the team at VA Cleaning.

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