Four reasons why you shouldn’t clean your house when you’re pregnant

It’s not until the third trimester that most pregnant women are advised to rest more. In fact, most mums-to-be now work right up until just a few weeks before their due date before taking maternity leave. So surely this means they’re capable of tackling a spot of cleaning when the mood strikes? Wrong. Instead, it’s in a woman’s interest to steer clear of such tasks when she’s carrying a child. Let’s look at four reasons why pregnant women shouldn’t do their own cleaning.


Cleaning can take a greater toll on your body than you probably realise. Just think of tasks like scrubbing the bathtub or mopping the floors that take a large degree of energy to do effectively. Due to this, if you’re pregnant you may be putting your body under a lot of strain at a time when most people would advise you to take it easy.


During pregnancy the body’s immune system suppresses itself, meaning women are in a weaker position to fight off illness. Unfortunately, when you clean you come face to face with bacteria on the toilet bowl or grime when cleaning the oven. These kinds of tasks make falling sick all the more likely.


Accidents are sadly rather likely for inexperienced cleaners. Whether you’re dealing with a slippery floor or trying to balance on the stairs with a vacuum in your hand, mishaps are always possible. Of course, when you’re pregnant such trips and falls won’t just harm you but also your baby.


Research has found that the ingredients found in some cleaning products can damage an unborn baby if used by the mother during her pregnancy. In particular, studies carried out by the University of Bath determined that a select number of products could cause the child to grow up with breathing problems such as asthma if the mother comes into contact with them while pregnant.

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