The pitfalls of an unclean fridge

The average fridge is opened and closed countless times throughout the day – and yet it’s rarely because it’s about to be cleaned. Instead, people are leaving their fridges unclean for days, weeks and sometimes even months! This, of course, can lead to numerous problems. If you’re not in the habit of keeping your fridge looking spotless, let’s look at three pitfalls you’ll no doubt struggle to avoid.


Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the nasty smell inside your fridge will disappear simply because you remove the offending items. While the likes of cheese and milk might initially cause the stench in your fridge, the odours have been found to cling to the plastic on the inside – in the process making the smell remain even after the items are gone. Thankfully, cleaning supplies can make a difference if they’re used correctly and regularly.


Your unclean fridge can be a haven for harmful bacteria. In fact, it can contain the likes of salmonella, listeria and E.coli if you’re not careful. Needless to say, these can make you very sick and cause you to be ill for weeks on end. It would be a shame if this were to happen to you, especially when you consider how easy it would be to stay in good health simply by tending to your fridge.


One of the fastest ways to find yourself faced with the bill for a new fridge is by not cleaning it in the first place. While this can happen in numerous ways, it’s most likely to occur when the rubber found around the door becomes dirty, perhaps by some spillage or leakage that you were unaware of. In can make the door difficult to shut – therefore rendering your fridge useless until it’s repaired or replaced.

Don’t take a chance!

If you want to rest-assure that you don’t experience any of these pitfalls, then you’ll need to keep your fridge looking spotless. You can do this with the help of VA Cleaning, the premier cleaning service York residents can count on. For more information on how you can stand to benefit, be sure to get in touch.

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