Three reasons why your microwave needs cleaning regularly

The average microwave typically lasts up to nine years in most homes. The question is: how often does it get cleaned in that decade-long timeframe? While the outside usually takes just a quick scrub to look spotless, the inside tends to be much trickier – which is exactly why many people leave their microwaves for long periods of time without cleaning them. This habit, of course, comes with its problems. With this in mind, let’s look at three reasons why your microwave needs cleaning regularly.


Microwaves can be rather temperamental to use. It can take just a few extra rotations for your food to start bubbling up. It can hit the plate, the sides and the roof of the microwave. The machine, therefore, requires a big scrub with the right cleaning products and a careful eye to ensure that there are no remnants of your meal still secretly lingering in the microwave after you’re finished with it.


The majority of microwaves are susceptible to rust if not cleaned correctly. This is because the steam that comes from your food often pools at the bottom after use. This liquid – which can be difficult to notice, especially when you’re in a rush – can lead to your microwave looking unsightly once it’s started to rust. In some cases, it can even stop it from functioning.


While it’s true that the heat emitted from a microwave has the power to kill some bacteria in food, it loses the ability to do this when the offending items remain inside it for long periods of time. This is most likely to happen when some meals splatter, leaving remnants on the roof and sides that later become harmful for your health. This can only be effectively removed with the right cleaning products.

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