Three clothing issues you’ll likely have when doing your own cleaning

There’s nothing worse than coming to the conclusion that you’ve not got the right clothing for cleaning your home in. Even if you’ve got the right attitude and the best supplies, you’ll likely be setting yourself up for a nasty shock if you insist on cleaning in your own attire. This is something to consider if you’re keen to have a spotless home but aren’t equipped with the right threads with which to do it yourself. Let’s look at three clothing issues you’ll likely have when doing your own cleaning.


You might be surprised to notice that the stench of grease from your oven or grime from your bathroom hasn’t vanished even though it’s been cleaned. That’s because it’s probably attached itself to your clothes. While the rooms might look pristine, your attire can carry funky scents – sometimes even beyond being washed! That’s without even mentioning the likelihood that you will work up a sweat during the job!


There are many ways that your clothing could become stained when cleaning. The most common is that it could come into contact with an offending spot that you’re cleaning, but it could also happen because of the products you use. Take, for instance, bleach. Just the slightest drip on your sleeve can leave an unsightly mark, ultimately meaning that the clothing can’t ever be worn again.


Your clothing could make all the difference between you doing a good job and a bad job. Choose what you wear wrongly and you could find that you are restricted, especially when reaching up high to wipe the tops of wardrobes or bending down low to tackle drawers. Obviously, if you don’t do these kinds of places well enough then you should find that they become problem areas in the future.

What’s the answer?

Forget about rummaging through your wardrobe to find clothing that’s half suitable to clean in. Instead, leave the cleaning to VA Cleaning. Aside from ensuring that your clothing stays in good condition, when you go down this route you’ll soon discover just why we are the best cleaning company York has to offer.

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