Keep your house clean… even when there’s a toddler on the loose!

The average parent often resigns themselves to the likelihood that their home will forever look like a bombsite as long as there is a toddler living in the house. Not only does this pose a number of risks that mums and dads might not be aware of, but it doesn’t have to be this way! If you’re amongst those parents who can’t stand the mess and are on the verge of doing something about it, here are three reasons that should spur you into keeping your house clean even when there’s a toddler on the loose.

1. Prevent illness

It’s a natural part of oral development for toddlers to put things in their mouth – even if they’ve found them on the floor. Of course, adults know that such habits can pose serious health issues for your child. Take, for instance, a toy that’s been dropped on an unclean kitchen floor. If your toddler were to put this in its mouth it could become poorly if it had earlier come into contact with remnants of rotting food.

2. Sleep soundly

Messy surroundings have been found to negatively affect a person’s sleeping habits. While this might not necessarily be the case for your child, it will likely impact how much decent shuteye you can get each night. Of course, if you’re lacking sleep you’ll find it hard to function and stay healthy yourself. This won’t help your toddler when they need lots of love and attention.

3. Cement life lessons

Your little one will be learning so much on a day-to-day basis during their early years. So when you consider that it’s a time of great influence for them, wouldn’t it be good to show them the benefits of maintaining a clean home? During these formative years while your child is in the home with you all day, it’s a great opportunity to lead by example and send the message that everything has a place, as well as the importance of keeping surroundings neat and tidy.

Need a helping hand?

It’s a lot of effort looking after a toddler – never mind keeping your house clean at the same time! Thankfully VA Cleaning provide the best cleaning services York has to offer, so don’t hesitate to get in touch to ensure that your home is forever spotless.

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