New partner? Clean your home before they come round

Those first few days of a new romance can be absolutely blissful… but then comes the time when your new beau must see your home. It’s fair to say that your new relationship could hang in the balance depending on the state of your place – especially if your home isn’t totally spotless. If your new partner will soon be heading round and you’re worried about the likes of unvacuumed carpets, dusty surfaces and an unpleasant kitchen, here are three reasons why you should consider cleaning your home beforehand.


If anything, you’ll at least be able to relax once the place is clean. This isn’t just because messy spaces have been found to cause stress and anxiety, but also because you’ll be less worried about your new beau passing judgement on your home. Since that special person should be able to unwind and enjoy your company without worrying that they’ve walked into a tip, you should also be able to chill out.


A tidy home should increase the overall sense of order. This could make the whole occasion much easier to manage. Take, for instance, the kitchen. You’ll be able to cook a quick and healthy meal when everything is in its place and clean, ultimately making the evening run smoother than it would if you were to be preparing food in an unclean and unorganised area.


First impressions count for everything in the early days of a relationship. Not to worry, you’ll send a great message about yourself when your new partner walks into your spotless home. They will no doubt be impressed with your attention to detail and how you’re able to maintain such a pristine property when so many others allow their homes to fall into disarray.

Need a helping hand?

Fear not, you won’t have to roll up your sleeves and tackle the job yourself if you want a spotless home. Instead, you can leave the task to VA Cleaning. We’re head and shoulders above the other cleaning companies in York, and we’ll be more than happy to tend to your home before that special person gets a chance to see it!

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