Your house will need cleaning if you leave your windows open this summer

It’s being reported that another heatwave is on its way. While a scorching summer is certainly something to look forward to, it’s not great news for those people who want to keep their homes looking pristine. Why? Well, when the temperatures start to rise most of us are left with no option but to leave our windows open morning, noon and night – and this only increases the likelihood that our properties will need more regular cleaning. Let’s look at three things you can expect to happen if you leave your windows open this summer.


It can take only the slightest summer breeze to cause a mess inside your home. According to Statista, during the second quarter of the year the average wind speed is still over seven knots. This is more than enough to blow over papers, move small ornaments and generally uproot any items in your house that are in its path – not to mention that the gust may contain grains of dirt from outside. It won’t cause the biggest mess, but it will need to be tended to if you’re to keep your home clean.


You’re inadvertently welcoming a whole number of unpleasant smells into your home when you leave your windows open. In the suburbs, this might be manure from a nearby farmer’s field, whereas in the city it might be the bins from a residential building. The scents can actually stick to your belongings when they’re your home, in the process increasing the need for you to keep your home looking – and therefore smelling – like it’s just been cleaned.


The thought of creepy crawlies in your house is never nice, but it’s the reality you face when you leave your windows open. The likes of flies can enter and contaminate any area where they land unless it’s quickly cleaned. Meanwhile, snails and slugs might sneak into your property – ultimately leaving an unsightly trail of slime in their path. This, of course, will need to be cleaned.

Need help?

It could be unfeasible to leave your windows closed all summer. Therefore, don’t worry about opening them because you can leave the consequences in the hands of VA Cleaning. We have extensive experience tackling a whole manner of cleaning jobs in York, so get in touch to see how we can help.

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