Beware of traipsing grass into your home this summer

This summer you’ll potentially spend more time than ever enjoying the great outdoors. Between all the fresh air and exercise, however, there is one thing that you should watch out for: grass. After all, these green blades are likely to stick to the bottom of your shoes and ultimately enter your home – in the process only increasing the need for you to give the place a good clean! If you’re not already in the habit of quickly sweeping up the blades when you spot them in your property, here’s why you should beware of grass in your home.


Most people are already aware that grass can stain clothing. However, few seem to be aware that it can have the same impact on surfaces. This is certainly something to watch out for if you accidently traipse grass onto the likes of tiles or wooden floorboards in your home. If this happens, you’ll have to focus your attention on scrubbing the floors as well as removing the idle grass.


A bit of grass won’t look that bad, right? Wrong. The fact of the matter is that due to their size, individual blades can quickly find themselves ending up in hard-to-reach places – such as between floorboards or other crevices. This won’t just mean that it becomes harder to remove, but also that it might have the opportunity to rot before you have a chance to remove it. Of course, this will just make your home look scruffy and untidy.


Grass has the potential to pose a threat to your health. Just consider, for instance, that it once upon a time might have been used as a place for a dog to do its business. Therefore, it could be soaked in urine and other unpleasant things. If you or something else were to come into contact with it when it’s in your home, it could cause them to become extremely ill.

Don’t put up with grass!

VA Cleaning tackles a whole manner of cleaning jobs in York. We’ll be happy to clean your house from top to bottom this summer – in the process removing any blades of grass that may have mistakenly been brought into your property.

Photo: Grass by seabamirum licensed under Creative commons 4

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