Three reasons to clean your lampshades

There are so many pressing areas of your house to clean. Due to this, you’re probably happy to focus on common dirty areas like the toilet and the oven rather than concern yourself with thinking about the lampshades. This, however, isn’t the best course of action. Your lampshades require your attention – and it’s about time you gave them the attention they deserve! Let’s look at three reasons why they should be on your cleaning hit list.


You’re probably thinking that everywhere gets equally dusty, right? Well, that’s where you’re wrong. Lampshades are actually more likely to attract dust over other areas in your home because they are often charged with static electricity. Once you team this with the fact that they’re usually extremely dry places due to the heat they omit, you should get a better sense of how much dust could be gathering right under your nose.


You’ll no doubt be used to seeing certain insects buzzing around your lampshades. In particular, the likes of flies and moths tend to be drawn to the light. Not only will these insects be more attracted to the area if it’s unclean, but you should also factor in that these carry harmful bacteria with them. This can build up on your lampshades if you’re not careful, potentially posing a threat to your health.


It literally takes just the flick of a switch to light up a lampshade. Once they’re on, the glow can highlight any stains or marks that may have started to build up over the weeks and months. This exposure won’t just make the problem look much worse than it might actually be, but is also likely to attract the gaze of your friends and family – raising questions over your ability to keep your home clean.

Don’t settle for it!

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