Three cleaning tips to keep flies out of your home

There are few things more unpleasant or annoying as a fly buzzing around your house. Unfortunately, the insects – which carry harmful bacteria and can make you very ill – usually come out to play during the summer. Thankfully you can do something to stop these uninvited guests from making an appearance in your property. There are several cleaning-related tasks that have been found to reduce how much of an attractive place your home is for the winged beasts. Here are three cleaning tips which will help to keep flies out of your house.


Your bins – what with rotting food and discarded packaging – are extremely alluring to flies. In fact, if you ever hear a buzzing you can almost bet it will be coming from your rubbish. Taking out your trash as promptly as possible is surely one way to keep them away. However, you should also take steps to clean the actual bin itself, as well as around the spot where it’s been sitting.


Funky smells are inevitable in a house. It might be that you’ve just made a greasy meal and left the baking tray on the side, or that someone’s trampled in some dirt from outside. Rather than initially open a window to remove this smell – in the process allowing flies to hurry in – it’s better to get rid of the smells through a spot of cleaning. This means you’ll have to be on the ball and quick to act.

Hiding places

Flies typically make a beeline for a hiding place when in your home. This can be behind furniture or shelves, but more often than not any sort of clutter will suffice as a place for it to lay low in between laps on your property. Therefore, by de-cluttering and keeping the place tidy you’ll actually be taking measures to make your home a place that flies just won’t be drawn to.

Need help?

These cleaning tips are sure to make a difference in your battle against flies – but they don’t have to be undertaken by you. Instead, you can enjoy a fly-free home by enlisting the services of VA Cleaning. Be sure to get in touch to achieve the spotless property you deserve.

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