Your home needs cleaning before having elderly relatives round

You might be used to having certain friends and family visit your home without having to go out of your way to make them comfortable. Unfortunately, this just isn’t likely to be the case when it comes to elderly relatives. Instead, you should find that there are even more reasons for your home to be squeaky clean before welcoming the likes of your granny and grandad into the property. This isn’t just to be courteous but also to protect them. Let’s look at three reasons why your home needs cleaning before having elderly relatives around.


A person’s immune system becomes weaker as they get older, which means that they’re more susceptible to illness. While your friends and family who are fit and healthy might leave your home unscathed even when there’s grime in the bathroom and dust on the surfaces, your older relatives will actually be more prone to picking up bugs and infections because of their weakened immune systems.


Brittle bones and achy joints are a part of getting older. You shouldn’t take for granted that people above a certain age will just suffer in silence over these ailments. This can mean that they struggle to get comfortable under normal conditions – nevermind when in an unclean area! You should know that places which are untidy have been found to cause people discomfort, and this could be problematic for someone who already struggles in this department.


A clean home is a safe home. After all, the likes of sticky floors and areas full of clutter can be a dangerous tripping hazard. This is, of course, a risk for your average person – but it can be even more detrimental to your elderly relatives who will struggle with dexterity, balance and reaction time in their senior years. Luckily, a tidy up is all it takes to keep them safe.

Don’t chance it!

You’d no doubt feel terrible if an elderly relative were to suffer the consequences of your home being unclean. Therefore, be sure to call in the professionals by getting in touch with VA Cleaning. We tackle a range of cleaning jobs in York and won’t have a problem making your home sparkle before you welcome your elderly relatives around.

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