The reasons your bathroom mirrors become so filthy

You might have noticed just how quickly the mirrors in your bathroom can become filthy. It’s something that you’ll surely find very annoying – especially if you’re the type of person who struggles to keep their home looking clean. The question is: why is it only the mirrors in your bathroom which require so much of your time and attention to keep spotless? This is what all house-proud people should know before they try to tackle the issue.


We’re sometimes in such a rush to get ready in the morning that we don’t realise just how much steam circles the room during and after your shower. This will condense on your mirror, therefore making the surface prone to picking up particles in the air. More often than not this will be dust, which will cling to the glass even after the steam in your bathroom is long gone.


The majority of people conduct key elements of their morning routines in front of the bathroom mirror. Unfortunately, what they might not realise is just how much certain products can splash upon the mirror – particularly when they’re in a rush. Take, for example, hairspray. The styling product is notoriously sticky and once air bound it’s prone to sticking to anything nearby, including your bathroom mirror. This, of course, will need to be cleaned.


Mirrors are commonly featured on cabinets in the bathroom to maximise space. Due to this, you’re more likely to handle the glass here than you would in, let’s say, a mirror in your living room. Aside from the fact that you can then leave handprints on the mirror, you should also know that the average hand can contain 2,000 counts of bacteria and can be dirtier than you realise.

So what can you do?

There’s no use pulling your hair out as the problem escalates. Instead, you should recruit the expert services of VA Cleaning, one of the best cleaning companies in york. Our team know all the best cleaning tips to tackle your bathroom mirror – and indeed all the other parts of your bathroom. To keep your home looking pristine, be sure to get in touch.

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