You should clean – not replace – your filthy bathroom tiles

It can be rather deflating to have to lock eyes on filthy tiles every time you enter your bathroom. The root cause will vary from home to home, but the discolouring is often the result of mould, mildew or even products such as shampoo or shower gel that can splash against the surfaces. While its appearance can cause you frustration, it’s not a sign that you should just replace the existing tiles – especially since a thorough cleaning session can have your walls looking like new again. With this in mind, let’s look at three reasons why you should clean – not replace – your filthy bathroom tiles.


You can actually restore your tiles near to their original condition even when they’ve been filthy for quite a long time. While it might take more than just soap and water, there are tried and tested cleaning tips for removing the likes of mould and mildew. Ultimately, a fast and effective solution isn’t out of reach.


You might be under the impression that the tiles will take hours upon hours to get sparkling again. In fact, the right pair of hands can get the job done within a much quicker timeframe than you probably realise. Even if you don’t feel like your skills are up to scratch, a professional cleaning service will be able to tackle the job for you in no time whatsoever so there’s no need to get your own hands dirty.


Unfortunately, bathroom tiles are prone to gathering mould and mildew because of the moisture in the room. Due to this, even if you get new tiles it’s still likely that these will just start to look unsightly over time too. Therefore, you could potentially find yourself back at square one after going to all the effort to replace the tiles.

What will you do?

It’s sure to be costly and time-consuming to replace your bathroom tiles – so why not just have them cleaned? The process is as easy as getting in touch with one of the best cleaning companies in York, VA Cleaning, and allowing your bathroom to sparkle without having to lift a single finger yourself.

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