Three ways the body reacts negatively to the dust in your home

Dust is made up of many unpleasant things, including human skin! Other than that gross fact, it’s totally harmless though – right? Wrong. The fact of the matter is that the dust in your home isn’t just unsightly but also that it can cause your body to react in unfortunate ways. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just people with allergies who are largely at risk either. Let’s look at three ways the average body reacts negatively to the dust in your home.


Dust can become airborne in an instant. You might not notice this is the case until it starts to irritate your eyes. If your vision suddenly becomes impaired or your eyelids fill up with water then it’s likely this could be down to dust. Aside from the fact that this is rather irritating, it also increases your chances of developing an eye infection.


The body’s natural defence to dust going near the nose is to sneeze and expel it from the body. You might think that a few sneezes here and there is manageable, but it actually causes your nostrils to become inflamed and swollen. You’re also expelling harmful bacteria every time you sneeze, in the process increasing the chances of others becoming ill after visiting your home.


Dust can easily be inhaled into the lungs, therefore introducing the body to a range of breathing problems. Those with asthma are usually most at risk, however, others might cough or have a tickle in their throat simply by being around copious amounts of dust. This is because dust contains macrophages, cells that collect on lung tissue and cause various degrees of damage to the lungs.

It’s time to take action

The dust in your home really isn’t something you should turn a blind eye to. Even if you can settle with the way your body reacts to it, it would be unfair to expect your guests to do the same. You can take action simply by calling in VA Cleaning. The team tackle a whole range of cleaning jobs in York, so be sure to get in touch for help ridding your house of dust!

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