Three thoughts that will make you clean more thoroughly

Everyone likes to think that they’re doing a good job when they’re cleaning their house. Sure, you sometimes cut corners, but overall you’re keeping the place pretty clean… right?

Make sure you’re not eating or drinking if you plan to continue reading, because we’re about to make you reconsider how clean your home really is.

How clean is your bathroom?

Have you ever heard of a toilet plume? That’s not a fancy feather duster or a brand of bleach. The toilet plume is the cloud of particles that escapes from your toilet when you flush.

The force of the flushing water throws up urine, faeces and anything else that might be sitting in your toilet bowl. This disgusting cloud of toilet treats can move up to 2.7 feet upwards, spreading out in every direction to cover every part of your bathroom… including your toothbrush.

Is your house a bug haven?

Who else is living in your house? You’d be surprised how many housemates you have!

Dust mites, that love to feed on microscopic bits of skin that are floating around your home and landing on every surface, are just some of your rent-free lodgers. You might also be hosting bed bugs, which can go undetected until they’ve built up an impressive army. One of the most vital cleaning tips for the bedroom is to wash your sheets at least once a week, on the hottest temperature that’s listed on the label.

Then, there are other residents such as fruit flies that get in when you open the door. They love your bin and any dirty dishes, and have been dining on dog poo in the outside world that they’ll then deposit on your kitchen work surfaces.

And who knows who’s coming in at night? Nocturnal creatures like slugs can fit through surprisingly small gaps, but are usually only around when it’s completely dark, which means that you might not even notice if they’ve been paying you a midnight visit.

Are you nose blind?

Think your house smells clean? Think again!

We quickly adjust to recognisable smells, getting used to the scent of places that we visit regularly or spend a lot of our time in. It’s called ‘nose blindness’ and affects absolutely everyone.

Have you ever noticed that other houses have a distinctive smell? The owner won’t even have realised! That’s bad news for you, because it means that your visitors are experiencing the full-scent experience when they step through your front door. You can’t smell your own house, so are you confident that it smells clean and fresh?

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