It’s cockroach season! Time to take action in your home

There’s a serious downside to these hot summer temperatures – cockroaches! The pests – who are unwelcome guests in any home – are more likely than ever before to make an appearance when the sun is shining. This is because the creepy crawlies typically breed in the winter months before wreaking havoc in the summer. The hotter-than-normal conditions cause cockroaches’ metabolism to increase and make them develop faster – meaning there’s a greater chance of seeing one in your house. Luckily, swift and regular cleaning can make all the difference on the impact they have on your home. Let’s look at two ways this is the case.


Cockroaches are attracted to places where there’s been a lack of cleaning. In particular, your kitchen and bathroom can draw the bugs into your home. Cockroaches will make a beeline for food that’s been left out, crumbs on the floor or unwashed dishes sitting in the sink. Essentially, you’ll need to eliminate all traces of food if you’re to keep the insects at bay. This doesn’t just mean keeping your food in the fridge, but also taking great case to wipe down surfaces and sweep up any crumbs that might be on the floor (even if these aren’t particularly noticeable to you and your guests).

Damage limitation

The scary thing about cockroaches is what remains even after you’ve got rid of them. The bugs carry a huge amount of germs – all of which can cause serious harm to you and your family. Cockroaches have been found to carry a range of bacteria, viruses and diseases, which can cause the likes of typhoid and dysentery. The location of the germs can be any place where a roach has been in contact with – and often this can be unknown to you. Therefore, a deep clean can be necessary to ensure people in your home don’t become ill.

Take action

You just can’t take a chance when it comes to cockroaches – so be sure to call in VA Cleaning. Whether you want to keep the bugs away or eliminate any trace that they might have left behind, our team are skilled at leaving homes looking pristine and take pride in tackling a wide range of cleaning jobs in York.

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