Cleaning with bleach? Watch out for these three hazards

You’ll usually need to be armed with some sort of bleach if you’re to effectively clean your bathroom from top to bottom. Unfortunately, this can expose you to several hazards if you’re not used to using the cleaning solution. You can, of course, always call in the experts to give you a helping hand. However, if you’re keen to take on the job yourself then you should be at least aware of the following three hazards that anyone who uses bleach can easily fall victim to.


Bleach contains a large amount of hydrochloric acid. This is really handy when it comes to cleaning – but not so much when it comes to your clothes. The slightest drop can oxidise the dye agents found on clothing, ultimately leaving the spot colourless. You should, therefore, steer clear of wearing any clothes that you want to wear in future when cleaning or else risk staining them with bleach and having to throw them away.


Of course, it’s not just clothes that spilt bleach can come into contact with. Sadly, your skin is also at risk. Much like it does with clothes, in cases where an area is exposed for too long the chemicals found in bleach can actually lighten skin pigment as it causes damage to the tissue. Meanwhile, smaller amounts that are dealt with quickly can still cause redness and irritation that can last for several days.


Due to the fact it comes in liquid form, bleach can often splashback at its users – sometimes even hitting them in the eyes. This can cause damage to both the nerves and the tissue, possibly even on a permanent basis depending on how swiftly it’s dealt with. The bleach can be rinsed out with water in some cases, but a burning sensation might remain and a trip to the doctor might be necessary.

Be careful!

The best cleaning tips aren’t just about doing a good job, but staying safe while doing so. Hopefully, you’ll now be extra careful when using bleach and won’t be exposed to these hazards. If, however, you’d rather be safe than sorry then you can always leave the cleaning to the team at VA Cleaning.

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