Work from home? It’s vital you keep the place clean

Working from home is nowhere near the rare occurrence it used to be. In fact, the Office for National Statistics has found that 4.2 million people now work remotely in the UK. If you’re amongst them, it’s time that you realised just how important it is to keep your property clean. Let’s look at three reasons why the place should be as pristine as possible when you work from home.


A sense of order is essential for anyone working from home. Unfortunately, an unclean home provides the opposite environment of the one that you really should be striving for. A dusty desk or a few crumbs from your lunch might not feel like they’ll make the biggest difference, but it can be the start of the slippery slope in which your workplace becomes impractical and unorganised – two things which can hinder your productivity.


Your immune system can actually take a small hit when you typically work alone. This is because you come into contract with fewer viruses and don’t build up a sufficient defence against them. In addition, you’re risking poor health if you don’t keep the place clean. Dust, for instance, can cause breathing problems. Meanwhile, a keyboard that’s not been wiped down can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria just waiting to make you ill.


Work can be stressful and play havoc with your mental health. As a result, you don’t want to contribute to this negative mind frame by working in dirty or untidy surroundings. Research has found that unclean places – especially those with lots of clutter – can have a serious impact on a person’s mood and bring on feelings of depression and anxiety. These feelings, of course, can persist even when you’ve clocked off for the day.

Need a helping hand?

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