Asking visitors to remove their shoes isn’t always the answer to a clean home

It’s not uncommon for people to insist that visitors remove their shoes before entering their home. This is usually to ensure that people don’t accidentally traipse in dirt or other unpleasant things which have clung to the soles of their footwear. You shouldn’t, however, presume that asking your visitors to remove their shoes is your solution to a sparkling home. Instead, a number of cleanliness-related problems can still occur when people remove their footwear. Let’s look at three reasons why asking guests to take off their shoes isn’t always your answer to a clean home.


The average human can have up to four million sweat glands. While these are found all over the body, the largest concentration of glands can be found on the bottom of our feet. This is a big problem for anyone who wants to have squeaky clean floors. As well as the possibility that your guests can leave sweaty footprints, these areas can also attract certain insects that are attracted to the bacteria.


Feet are a breeding ground for infections. Just some of the ones to keep an eye on are athlete’s foot and verrucas. These ailments are so easy to pass from person to person. Due to this, you might find that you risk such an infection if you allow people to enter your home without shoes – especially if they go barefoot. It would be wise to scrub any parts of your home that you’re most concerned about having been contaminated.


You might well find that people feel an added sense of relaxation when they remove their shoes to enter your home. This might cause them to do things that they wouldn’t usually do if they were wearing footwear, such as putting their feet up on your furniture. Some homeowners would understandably find this to be uncomfortable for them to watch, meaning they have to clean the likes of sofas and chairs when a visitor leaves.

Do you need a hand?

Unfortunately, there’s always the chance that your home might become unclean whenever you entertain visitors – whether they wear footwear or remove their shoes! Luckily, VA Cleaning can help. We are experienced in tackling a variety of cleaning jobs in York, so be sure to get in touch if you want your home to sparkle and stay hygienic both before and after welcoming people into your house.

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