Three cleaning tips to keep mice out of your home

The thought of a spotless home is usually what drives people to clean. If you need an added incentive, however, then we have one word for you, mice. The mere idea of these pests getting into your property will probably make you shudder – and let’s not even mention just how daunting it can be to see one scuttle across your floor! Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. Let’s look at three cleaning tips which should go some length to keeping mice out of your home.


Stacks of old newspapers or piles unwashed clothes might not seem like they’re causing any harm, but in actual fact, they can be one of the factors that drive mice into your home. A mouse is always looking for somewhere to hide because they are nocturnal creatures. If your house is full of clutter then you’ve potentially set up a base for the pests to lie low before the sun goes down.

Remove food

The odd crumb of food on your floors or sideboards might not seem like an amazing amount to you. It could, however, be considered a buffet for a tiny mouse. The creatures can decide that your home is the place to be – and stay – if there’s easy access to food. This could be something that you think is relatively harmless, much like a few crumbs that you haven’t bothered with by the side of your toaster.

Mop floors

You’ll really be making your home undesirable if you regularly mop your floors, especially when adding the likes of peppermint oil. This is because certain scents – including pepper and cloves – can repel any mouse that has ventured in from outdoors. Of course, these don’t have to be overpowering as a tiny amount that would be detectable for a mouse.

Be safe, not sorry

You’re right to want to keep mice out of your home. Whether you haven’t got the time to clean your home or you’d simply like the professionals to do the job instead, you need to get in touch with the team at VA Cleaning.

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