Suffering from a bad back? Here are three tips to help you clean safely

Back problems are sadly not uncommon in the UK. In fact, the NHS reports that 80% of people will experience some sort of pain during their lives. Your aches can get in the way of your work, social life and, yes, even your ability to keep your home clean. You can, however, take steps to ensure that you clean your house in a way that’s comfortable and reduces the likelihood of you further aggravating the area. Let’s look at three cleaning tips that are sure to help those people suffering from bad backs.


You might think that it would be safer to limit your movements when cleaning your home. In actual fact, it’s more beneficial for you to be moving around. This is because when you’re stood in the same position for too long the same muscles are repeatedly being stressed. Therefore, when you’re doing the likes of hoovering, be sure to move your body with the vacuum.


You just can’t shy away from lifting if you want to do a good job cleaning your home. After all, objects will need to be put away in their own places to avoid a build-up of clutter. In an effort to steer clear of inflicting any pain on yourself, be sure to bend from your knees and turn your body from your feet when lifting. This will mean that you’re not putting any undue stress on your back as you make the place tidy.


Be sure to keep an eye out for slippery surfaces when cleaning. Whether you’ve mopped the floor or polished in a nearby spot, quite often the floor can be a hazard when you’re mid-clean. If you were to lose your balance you could jar your body and contort your back. The best advice would be to steer clear of any areas where the floor has just been cleaned until it’s completely dry.

Still worried?

Fear not, the best way to prevent any further back pain is to leave the cleaning to the professionals. VA Cleaning are experts at making properties look pristine – not to mention sparing you the possible hazards that come from tackling the job yourself!

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